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English Golden Retriever Breeders
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Characteristics of the Golden Retriever

It goes without saying that the Golden Retriever is one of the most preferred family dogs throughout the world. This is hardly surprising given the fact that this breed has one of the most admirable temperaments among dogs. If you are read much about White Golden Retriever Puppies, you have determined by now that you will not be disappointed with this breed.

The Golden traits

Both the American and English Golden Retrievers are highly sought after.  They share many characteristics, such as being extremely loving and affectionate. They also long to please and are smart, making them very easy to train.  They are a versatile dog, suitable for everything from hunting to show, and a myriad of possibilities in between.  But best of all, they are incredible companions.
The coat

The American and the English Crème Golden Retriever differ in their coloring, but share many characteristics in their coat.  They both have an undercoat, with keeps them comfortable and protected (keep in mind that one of the hallmarks of a golden retriever is its love of water!).  The undercoat sheds out in the spring, and though a lot of hair is lost, it is quite manageable with an under rake (such as the Furminator).  The coat is soft and luxurious and many Goldens develop “feathering” as they age.

These dogs love company

One of the most important things that you need to remember when you are considering an English Crème Golden Retriever is that these dogs love company. They are especially fond of children as well and therefore do very well in homes with kids. Because of their incredibly social personality, they cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They are truly a family dog and thrive when they spend lots of time with their humans!